Restaurant Tour Custom Check Servers

Replace the typical black, vinyl, dining check servers that most restaurants currently use.

Our beautiful four-color, glossy, limited edition Custom Check Server featuring exclusive information about the restaurant, chef, menu and more. This unique Custom Check Server featuring 15 exclusive advertisers will be displayed prominently at upscale, high traffic restaurants and hand-served at the end of every lunch and dinner.

Inside each Custom Check Server™ the dining patron will receive their final check insuring visibility to each advertiser in the program. In addition, each exclusive, one-of-a-kind advertiser will receive a custom-designed Lucite display rack to be placed at every advertisers’ place of business. This marketing program spoon feeds the advertisers information directly to the diners, as well as, being a great collectible souvenir of their dining experience.

Interior of Custom Check Server

Exterior of Custom Check Server